Video Poker Sites

Video Poker is a variant of the regular poker, which is played with the help of a machine against a computer. In regular poker like Texas Hold Em, you would play against other real players, the goal is to fold until either a better hand or forcing them to. In video poker you’re just trying the best hand with the cards you are given. Video Poker has become a popular online casino game. See our list below of SA casinos offer this game.

How To Play

To play video poker, you simply need to know how to play a bit of the real poker. You just need to know what are the hand rankings, to get through. The hand rankings are as follows

High Card, such as an Ace high hand
2 pairs of
3 of a kind
Flush (5 of the same suit)
Full house (a pair and three of a kind together)
Straight Flush
Royal Flush (TJQKA of the same suit)

The objective of the game is the best possible hand by selecting and drawing cards. Most machines have the 5 card draw version of poker. They are 5 cards and have to decide which to keep and which to get rid of. If you choose, you can create new cards in place the ones you are treated gotten rid of. You now have to make the best hand with these 5 cards. No more cards are dealt and you either win or lose. The process constantly repeats itself only.

The machines are like slots as far as they operate. You put money in the machine and choose how much you want to play for each hand, then. To discard cards or keep you choose, you can use either a touch screen or a button to be assigned to each card. You may also find a deal button to start the game.
Odds and payout percentages

Your payout will depend on the machine paytable. The better your hand gain the more. For example, a couple can only return your money on hand. However, the flush you get 20-1. This means if you have $ 1 on the hand, you would be $ 20 for a flush.

There are variations of the game that you can find depending on the casino or machine you play. The most common are called Jacks or Better machines. You will need to win to make a pair of Jacks, at least. Other machines have wild cards, like anything you want to trade.

The most popular video poker games today are the ones to find online. Online Video Poker is exactly the same as being in a casino with a small detail, you can play anytime online video poker wherever you want.
Video poker history

Video poker first came in the 1970s during the computer boom light back. This original machines are far behind what we have today, but the initial game and overall properties have remained much the same over the years.

Video poker machines are started, in casinos very popular in the mid-80s, when people found it less intimidating than table games. You could even sit down at a video poker machine, without making the fear of failure.