Vegas Technology online casino software

Vegas Technology started as a company in Toronto Ontario OddsOn called, and was founded in 1996 in response to the rise in e-commerce. At that time, the company e-commerce sites offered safe facilities for taking payments and money transfers over the Internet, a rather imaginative movement at the time.

Your original offer was extremely successful, but they soon realized that a large number of customers was more than just banking and e-cash facilities to use, and so they have created a software development department. With a number of revolutionary Java-based games Armed casino licenses they acquired in Antigua and Barbuda, and began to build an empire.

They were very well positioned to enter this market because had their experience in banking it is taught much about safety, especially important if your business relies on people that they are. Their credit card information over the Internet

OddsOn continue to grow and prosper, and in 2003 it merged with English Harbour Gaming Ventures – one of the oldest and most reputable online casino operators on the internet – how this company software development arm. She left the OddsOn nickname, and were reborn as Vegas Technology, the name they hold today.

It is interesting to note that almost all the arsenal of more than 100 titles Vegas Technology can be used both as a download on the computer of a player or played directly in a web browser. They have a well-founded reputation for providing high quality software with excellent graphics and sound.

Vegas Technology software is certified by fair gaming, a third party company, which judges whether games fairly and honestly. It’s a grueling process – the logs of all their important games are analyzed on a monthly basis to ensure that everything on board that there was no fraud is already -., But it is worth it because it instills player confidence The results of these analyzes are for the players to see on a monthly basis on its website casinos.

The Vegas Technology Library contains 15 video poker games and over 80 types of slot machines. In a move to stay ahead of the competition, their slot games offer a variety of skill levels, to ensure that they appeal to beginner players, but their offer for avid gamers is equally impressive.

The slots offer multi-line payouts and wild symbols, and there are five networked progressive jackpots that pay regularly in the millions. Their innovative designs, she won the award for “Top Casino Software” in 2005, a prestigious recognition in the industry.

One area that shines in Vegas Technology is the focus to play multi-player tournament – almost all of their games can be played in tournament mode, which brings the players flocking to their casinos. They offer a high number of regular monthly tournaments with guaranteed prizes, and a series of “Freeroll” tournaments, so that new players can learn the ropes.

Despite the shaky future law their doors open to players from the U.S., which means there is always a lot of action at a Vegas Technology casino stay.