Sic Bo and Pai Gow casino

Online casinos offer a number of other games that do well during less, still offer a rich and rewarding gaming experience. Two such small games are Sic Bo, an exciting dice game that dates back to ancient China, Pai Gow and a western variant of the Chinese puzzle. View our recommended casinos below offer these little games, and read on to learn more about playing these games to play and learn opportunities.

Sic Bo Gameplay

How Craps Sic Bo on a table where you can bet that played place on the roll of the dice from. But uses three dice in Sic Bo meaning there are 216 possible outcomes, based on the roll of the dice. As such, with the additional cubes it is possible, even those create many more betting opportunities including with large payouts.
Popular Sic Bo bets

The most common bets in Sic Bo are known as “Big” and “Small”. To a small bet the 3 dice should be between 4-10 to win overall, a great bet is won if the three dice total 11-17. Both bets pay even money and have a low house edge. Another simple Sic Bo bet is the bet if the dice total is even or odd, this is also an even money bet, except if the dice show up as three of a kind for a graphical explanation, see the Sic Bo opportunities table below
Advanced Sic Bo bets

For higher chances of winning, you can show up on the chance that a certain number or pair of numbers is to bet. These bets are known as single-, double-, and triple rooms. In a single you simply bet that one of the three dice a six, for example. When the six shows to get you money, but if it shows up twice you paid 6-1, 12-1 and go, when it shows up three times. With a double bet you bet that at least two of the nozzle is to show a certain number with a payout of 1.10. Finally, the triple is in Sic Bo offers the biggest payouts if you bet correctly that the stamp is triple-fours roll earn a huge payout 180-1. You can also bet that each triple will show up for a 30-1 reward.
House Edge & Sic Bo Strategy

As with most casino games, the higher the potential payout, the higher the house edge. While almost all Sic Bo games are the same, sometimes you will see online casinos with different payout structures. It is important, even if not to accept anything less than tripled to 180-1. A fun way to play Sic Bo is medium to large or small, to place large bets while betting tripled to the small amount. In this way, if you are betting in some money before you can use the profits to pay for the triple-bet, which is a much rarer occurrence.

Sic Bo table
Pai Gow at online casinos

Almost all online casinos, including our recommended SA casinos offer Pai Gow Poker with the original Chinese tile version, a rare game offer. To Pai Gow Poker go to the table game or poker table section within the casino lobby in your online casino of choice.
Play Pai Gow Poker

Both the dealer and player seven cards from a 53-card deck that includes receiving a face down with a joker of the dealer’s cards. The player must then arrange the cards in a 2-card hand and a 5-card hand. The 5-card hand must be, and the dealer must have both hands better beat than be the better of the two hands.

If the player beats the dealer on a 5-card hand, but the dealer has a better 2-card hand, this is a push and all bets are returned. Winning bets are paid a 5% commission to the house. The overall house edge for Pai Gow Poker is around 2.7%, which is slow for a low table paced game and the most common result in Pai Gow is a push, which happens about 40% of the time.
Pai Gow side bets

Most online casinos have a side bet where you installed a single dollar in each hand of Pai Gow poker, you throw play. The side bets usually start with a straight or better pay. With a total of seven cards and a joker in the mix, the chances for a good hands are better than in regular poker. The ultimate victory is a 7 Card Straight Flush, you will at most casinos Net 5.000 to 1. More frequent hand like four of a kind pays 25-1, while 5 Aces (with Joker) pays 400-1.

The variations on Pai Gow often to do with the pay table of the side bet. There are dozens of pay tables in the use of online casinos with some offering a huge 20,000 – a jackpot on a natural royal flush and a pair of aces. Other casinos use a progressive jackpot, the variable amounts for Royal Flush or better pay.