Keno Games

Keno is perhaps the oldest form of gambling, yes, it is believed that the Great Wall of China was sponsored by Keno form of the Chinese government. Since its inception, many governments have this game used to collect money, and in Europe and the U.S., most places allow Keno as a legal form of gambling. For South African players online keno has become the norm with all SA casinos offer this game. Our top list of casinos to play keno below.

How to play Keno

The game is pretty easy since you just have to guess which numbers can be selected. A typical keno game will be displayed on a TV screen and has an animated ball that lands on a random number. Before the game begins, you fill a card with the desired selection of numbers and pick which you think is made. There is a total of 80 numbers to choose from and the game will be only 20 selected. Once you give your card, you can just sit back and hope to win.

There will be various options that you can also pick up. You can choose up to 10 numbers, and as little as 1 Some places will have up to 15 numbers. The more you choose, the more can win if they are affected. You can also choose to play for a certain amount of games in a row.
Online Keno Odds

Have chosen Each set of numbers specific odds and payouts. As above, the more numbers you pick correctly stated, the more you can win. Here is a detailed list of all the opportunities number selection.

10-1 in 9:05

9 – 1 in 9.75

8-1 in 9.77

7 – 1 in 4.23

6 – 1 in 6.19

5 – 1 in 10.34

4 – 1 in 3.86

3 – 1 in 6.55

2 – 1 in 16.63

1 – 1 in 4.0
Variations of Keno

You can use different types of Keno depending on where you play. Some places offer what is called Bonus Keno. This enables you to pay an additional fee in order to gain a bonus. At the beginning of the game rotate a virtual wheel and can be a multiplier of the profits for the match award.

You may also find the amount of numbers you can choose from will vary. The norm is to pick up to 10, but other games you can play over. It is best to check the rules before the game each Keno game.
Online Keno

Online Keno is the same as you will not find anywhere else. The concept is the same and often find themselves the same variations. The big difference is that you play online, from the comfort of your own home and not in a casino or bar.