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Found below are some of the top online casinos have been approved by eCOGRA. Casinos that carry the eCOGRA seal of approval were to get involved as a safe and fair online casinos in games.

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Online gambling burst onto the scene in the mid-1990s and was virtually an overnight success. But as with everything new, jumped very many operations to disreputable that players cheated the money or went wrong, manipulated games.

As more and more scammers appeared, he created a real problem for the players confidence. Obviously, if you can visit a brick and mortar casino pretty sure of an honest game, but with the new world of online casinos, this was less the case, and as an online player started out swapping stories, demolished, the industry was a decline in new visitors.

The situation continued to decline, until in 2002 some radical action was taken over by Microgaming and has a large publicly listed online casino operators and Microgaming – also publicly traded – designs and sells the software that drives many of the casinos the Internet. Both organizations have a very real threat to their core business noticed, and so they joined to create the E-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) organization.

ECOGRA is a non-profit regulatory body whose task is to monitor and vet the online gambling industry. Online casinos that meet the strict standards of eCOGRA awarded the eCOGRA Free and Fair seal, most prominently display on their homepage.

The mandate of the organization is, the players by protecting as much information as possible about their rights, and ensuring that the member casinos adhere to ensure a set of rules, fairness of the game and set high standards of operation. The main requirement is that the member casinos behave with honesty.

For an online casino, continued membership of eCOGRA means regularly by a third party (eCOGRA approved) tested. Players can approach eCOGRA to see these tests, which are usually available by eCOGRA site.

eCOGRA Rules require that the member casinos do not deceptive language in any advertising invites you to connect players, and that the industry be made recognized measures to protect the security of personal data of their players. The games on offer to run honest that needs to be monitored from day-to-day operation of the casino, and it has to be easy for players to collect their earnings.

In addition, the main operators will be subject to an online casino application for eCOGRA membership strict controls, the background to ensure a clean reputation.

The existence of eCOGRA has a lot for the industry in terms of increasing player confidence done because the players see it as an industry watchdog, which is to a large extent, though, the forces they exert, only to his members to expand. This means that many players who could have been otherwise careful of online games, are now just as calmly.

In addition to the regulation of their member casinos, is one of the main functions of eCOGRA, which is so relevant that it provides a platform for the settlement of disputes between players and casinos if something always goes wrong. In case of dispute that can not be resolved between a player and a eCOGRA certified casino, that player can eCOGRA to approach for relief.

eCOGRA then investigate the matter and has proven that they act has no qualms where necessary. In extreme cases, eCOGRA even offer legal representation for injured players, although this is hardly necessary, since most of the questions are quick and easy to solve. The organization produces an annual report, distributed on its website and to all members that lists the number of complaints they have received in a fiscal year, and how these conflicts were resolved.

eCOGRA is governed by a board of big players in the online gambling industry. The current Chief Executive Officer Andrew Beveridge, with John Anderson (the, Roger Raatgever (Microgaming) and Oliver Eckel (representing the Australian gaming giant Bwin).

In addition, there are several independent directors who all have some background or experience in the gaming industry. This knowledge is crucial for their function because admirable, in the interest of fairness, it is the only task of the independent directors to assess whether a new online casino’s application for membership of eCOGRA complies with strict rules and standards of the organization and qualified so for Free and Fair seal.

Currently, the independent directors are of William Henbrey, the former head of gaming services at BDO Accounting, Frank Catania, the former director of the New Jersey Gaming Enforcement Division, Willian galaSTON, who served as Chief Inspector of the British Gambling Board and Michael Hirst, represented the time spent for Ladbrokes.

Since its inception, the organization has continued to grow, and today its membership includes more than 20 major players in the online gaming industry. More than 100 online casinos now carry eCOGRA Free and Fair seal, the confidence in the players, where they see it.