Cryptologic online casino software

Cryptologic was founded in Canada in 1995, born out of the combined efforts of Mark and Andrew Rivkin. They analyzed the emerging Internet market and perceived the need for a secure, encrypted service, banking and money transfer facilities to the foundling e-commerce sector offered. Your first offer – which is still in operation – was an e-cash service, commercial Web sites that accept payments over the Internet allows.

In fact, the service was so successful that within a year after opening for business, the company was introduced to the Canadian market, where they actively traded since. Today Cryptologic bought stock and sold at almost all major exchanges around the world.

Through their interactions with their e-commerce customers, they became aware of the rapidly growing and extremely lucrative online casino market, and so they have a daughter named Wagerlogic group whose sole purpose is the development and marketing of games of chance and casino management platforms created.

After acquiring a casino license, the company one of the few original online casinos launched the online gambling site InterCasino in 1996, still in operation and still one of the largest. Wagerlogic used InterCasino to test a sandbox, new games and innovative ideas in online games, the best of which in their Wagerlogic software suite, which was integrated by license available.

In 2002, the Wagerlogic software has been certified on the Isle of Man. That made Wagerlogic the first provider of Internet gaming software to submit yourself to the same strict requirements and regulations as a land based casino. Wagerlogic turn applies these same standards to all licensees of the software.

All online casinos that license Wagerlogic platform to submit to a monthly inspection by the authorized representative, to ensure that the rules are complied with. The audit verifies that at least the minimum payout percentage is honored by any means, and that the results of each game completely random and fair.

This goes a long way toward inspiring confidence and trust among the regulars Wagerlogic casinos, a philosophy that Cryptologic is well understood, as it continues to build on the confidence it deserves from its roots as a financial services provider.

Such confidence relations appears to be working, as Cryptologic and their Wagerlogic-powered casinos have continued, though he shut out the decision, made the U.S. market in order to thrive. In the wake of the U.S. Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), no online casino is licensed by Wagerlogic accept U.S. players.

In view of the experience of Wagerlogic software, players can experience more than 200 titles. You can expect a wide range of titles, including classic casino games like blackjack and find Poker – it is estimated that Wagerlogic software processes more than 400,000 poker hands per day.

In addition, you will find many more exotic titles such as Bejewelled and the puzzle game Cubis find. Wagerlogic are also known for their series of “Marvel Super Heroes” slot titles, under exclusive license deal with Marvel Comics developed known.